About Me

Hi I’m Chrissie.

I’m heading towards the dreaded six-o, but not there yet. I’m not phased by it because I simply enjoy every day as it comes.

I am a wife, a mother and best friend, so I have a lot of people in my busy life, all wanting part of my time. I have decided that I need some “my time” and as part of this I have started Empty Nester Living. I am hoping that it provides me with an outlet to write down some things that I am interested in and maybe some other people might be interested in too.

I chose the name Empty Nester Living because it captures the stage of life where I am now.  At the moment I live with my husband in Melbourne, Australia and have a daughter living in the United States. I miss my daughter very much but thanks to phones and the internet we have very regular contact.

So what does empty nesting mean to me? Well, firstly it means that I cater for two now rather than three or more (as my house was always filled with my daughter’s friends who needed feeding or a bed to sleep because they had broken up with a boyfriend or maybe had drunk one glass of bubbles too many.). It means that I have had the chance to make lots of exciting changes to my lifestyle.

We moved to a townhouse after debating staying in our larger family house. So far this has been the correct decision and bit by bit we have made this inner city townhouse “our home”. This took a little while because having a new house is not having a new home. You have to make it become your “home” and that was a series of fun and exciting challenges for my husband and I.

We modified, stripped, painted and altered walls and furniture. Our challenge was to use as much as we could to fit in and alter the décor of our new house. We now use all our new spaces and rooms and are loving what has evolved.

Empty nesting should be an exciting stage for everyone. I want visitors to my site to feel like they have popped in to see me for a chat and a cup of coffee or tea or perhaps something stronger as I love some bubbles at the end of the day! I hope they will be interested in things I have done and I most certainly am interested in hearing about things that they have been up to lately.